About Bo Conlon

I like to say that the real estate business is the art of bringing people together. So the ability to connect with people is important. An artist makes a connection through a painting, drawing or sculpture. A song writer blends a lyric with a captivating musical style that folks can relate to. Your home is a statement of who you are as an individual. When you selected the building you wanted to call home, there were certainly many things about it that appealed to you. Then you made it your own, by painting and decorating it in a way only you could. Now your statement has been made for the whole community to see. Someday when you decide it is time to move on, that statement will undoubtedly connect with a complete stranger. How powerful is that?

My wife Shari and I have been married for 29 years. We have three boys that have definitely made life worth living. I'll be honest; I thought I would be a bachelor forever. And I was perfectly alright with that. Then when the right one comes along everything seems to fall into place. And thankfully that is what happened for me. So what does it take to have a successful partnership? Patience, being honest with each other, understanding that we won't always agree on everything, hearing what is important to your partner? Absolutely. This is what I believe in. This is what I will bring to our relationship while taking care of your real estate needs. Alright so what else about me and my experience?

I received my real estate broker's license in 1976. At around the same time I had the opportunity to serve an electrical apprenticeship. After completing my apprenticeship I worked in the electrical trade for 40 years. Along the way, my wife and I restored a Victorian home in historic Brewers Hill that we purchased in 1989. We also own and manage a duplex in Shorewood.

Somehow I managed to find time to pursue my interest in music. My main instrument is drums. I have had the privilege of performing with some really great musicians from the Milwaukee area. Most notably: The BoDeans, Pat McCurdy, and my dear friend and blues guitarist extraordinaire, Jeff Dagenhardt.

My promise to you:

  • Provide knowledge of the market place so that you can make an informed decision.
  • To confidently represent your best interests.
  • To use every tool in the Shorewest Arsenal to satisfy your real estate need.
  • Most importantly, to take care of you.

Whether you are ready to make that transition and get your house sold or find a new place to call home, allow me the opportunity to make it happen. Make the Conlon Connection today.

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